Btc casinos

Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casino is also a big page. Last year ot was exposed to DDOS attacks, but since then he has developed a lot of security. Here you can play dice games, but there is poker, blackjack, half-armed robber, and many more. In addition, we can play alcoin. We currently accept litecoint, dogecoint, reddcoint, and dash for bitcoin. They also have a penny, the amount of which is fixed, 523 satoshi.

The starting page of Bitcoin casino is quite impressive and in real-time it is possible to track the bets and jackpots that have been paid up so far.
For some games, there are additional bonuses (for example, if you have a half-arm, double your first deposit). We can invite our friends and share after their bets (but unfortunately this does not apply to the dice game). Automatic betting is very fast, maybe one of the fastest in the genre. On the site, you can pay by bank transfer, which is converted to bitcoin and even has an internal exchange of bills, which can be switched between individual subconsults (for a fair amount of transaction costs).

Bitcoin casino Benefits:

  • Old, reliable site.
  • There are many bonuses.
  • Fees for invited people after bonuses.
  • It also supports Altcoins, an internal currency changer.
  • Credit card payment.
  • Very fast automatic betting.

Bitcoin casino disadvantages:

  • In the past, attacks are valuable and are not as reliable as Primedice today.
  • Monetary value is low and can not be increased.
  • After playing the invited friends, we will not get any share when playing on a cube game.

100% up to 1500$

100% up to 1500$